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A Few Key Points- and How to
* I want you to be successful at every show- so I limit the number of same kind of vendors per event.. so if you want the spot- sign up!
* I keep the prices lower because I am newer to this- I ask you help with advertising on Social Media and your email lists. Commenting on my/ or someones post is 100x more effective than clicking the LIKE button.

** You can click the link below to get started in the sign up process.
     **Make a vendor account/ complete the fields
     **There is no approval process- you do not have to wait to be approved.
     ** You can then see the individual events/ markets
**Sign up for the events.
     ** I do not do minimums- you can pick and choose the events you'd like
     ** I will reach out to you if your category spot is already taken.
     ** I will not send an approval email
**You will be emailed your own portal- you can log into that anytime- or come back here and log in
** All invoices MUST be paid 2 weeks before the event
** You may make multiple invoices per venue to make payments easier
     ** 2-3 days before every event- I will email set up details.


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